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March 07, 2008


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Ok, so the meal continues... no tomato paste, and my kids also veto'd the "hunks of tomato" , so I opted for a can of condenced tomato soup.
All in all it worked out great. I ended up adding a bit more BBQ sauce ( well, maybe not really, I didn't measure origionally)
The votes are not yet in, hubby who hates anything that could possibly be considered a soup or stew , is the one to worry aobut.


Thanks Meg, you're the greatest. I am attempting my version of this today, figuring that the new hocks will be arriving soon. So... I am in phase one and my version so far sounds like this...
More water, since I am using a big big pan
no chicken broth, but I did have three left over flavour packets from the mr.noodles that the kids eat raw... is that good enough ?
random spices, cheap BBQ sause that is good for not much else
and of course the pork hocks. I didn't add any chicken yet, as it is already cooked and left over from last night...


I've never had (or heard of) Brunswick Stew with barbecue sauce or creamed corn. Those sound like interesting additions.

I know that you were just using what you had, but it tastes much better with the dark meat of the chicken. If you decide to make it again, try that instead.


Hey Marci - glad you tried it. Now I'm eager to hear how it turned out! The tomato soup probably worked out just fine, and those flavour packets are, well, flavourful.

Pfirsch - not being Southern myself (unless you count southern Ontario), I took the barbeque sauce idea from a couple of different recipes. Some called just for tomatoes, or ketchup, but I liked the smokiness of the BBQ sauce. And I agree - the cream corn would probably be delicious in this.

Thanks for visiting!

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