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January 25, 2012


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I was all gung-ho about making these, but at the last minute had to doctor them some more. I used the spice cake recipe and can of pumpkin, then added 2 eggs and a 1/4c of apple sauce. I then added 1 c of cold strong chai tea (what was left in the pot.) Baked according the the box directions.
No longer 2 ingredient muffins, but Still Delish!


Hi Crumbboss! I just finished miakng pumpkin muffins with your recipe and I can't wait to try them tomorrow morning. I also made the cream cheese icing recipe so the end result will be jumbo cream cheese stuffed muffins! Can't wait! Kinda like the starbucks pumpkin cream cheese but better because I made them and you helped me. I've been trying to upload photos of what I make and I'm having trouble with it on facebook for some reason but Gretchen, you are a blessing for people like me who love to bake and eat:) my most sincere thank you to you and Steph

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