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March 09, 2012


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Restaurants Hampton

wow! it actually looks so delicious. i'll try making something like this and share with my friends. thanks:)


None. Wheat-free and gluten-free lsytiefle has nothing to do with weight loss your weight is based solely on how many calories you consume vs how many you expend. Be aware that lots of wheat- and gluten- free products are high in calorie content. There is no magic product (acacia berry, etc) or diet that will help you lose weight without very serious side effects. I know a lot of overweight and out-of-shape vegetarians. I also know a lot of overweight and out-of-shape meat eaters. As long as you consume a nutritionally complete diet, get plenty of exercise (raise you heart rate and get sweaty 3-4 times a week), drink lots of water (not juices or sodas), get sufficient sleep, stay away from too much sugar, and consume a reasonable number of calories you'll be fine whether you choose to eat like an omnivore, a vegetarian, or a vegan.

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